I bought a second set of Edifier 1700BT Bluetooth speakers

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I have a friend who is living a semi-nomadic lifestyle at the moment who wanted some decent-sounding reasonably portable/packable speakers to connect to a turntable. After a ton of research, the 1700BTs were the ones she landed on. She has been very happy with them. They sound exceptionally good for their size, and can crank out pretty good volume, all things considered. They’re surprisingly heavy given how little they are, though, which cuts into the portability a bit.

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I haven’t heard these in particular but just how good modern small speakers can sound is one of the wonders of modern technology. Thank you science!


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Edifier is the best

When I moved into an apartment (job move) I sold off my computer sound system and home theater system as they both had subwoofers and just weren’t going to work in a small apartment, at volumes where it was hard to hear people talking clearly the “boomy” subwoofer was still loud enough to hear downstairs when the digital adjustment for bass was set to “1”. I got an edifier set for my office space/computer room and splurged on a Dennon stereo amp and a pair of Klipsch Reference bookshelf speakers. For the amount of money I spent on that Dennon and Klipsch setup I could have bought quite a few sets of Edifier’s and the audio difference was pretty minimal. Edifiers are a really great Price/Performance for self powered speakers if you want something less boomy sounding then so many of those small hand held BT speakers.

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