This disorder makes people think everyone they see is the same person wearing disguises

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Recent media example, The Suicide Squad’s Polkadot man - “where’s your mom now?”

“She’s everywhere.”


Apparently I have an undocumented disease where I think every person I see has the IQ of a carrot, has bad manners, and doesn’t care about their fellow humans. But then again it could just be that since I’m now minimizing my trips into public places that I’m just being especially observant when I do go out…

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This was actually the subtext of the whole movie Anomalisa by Charlie Kaufman (who else).

The only hint the viewer gets about what is going on with the main character? The name of the hotel: The Fregoli.


There is a documented condition that might explain that one too:

“If you run into an asshole in the morning, you ran into an asshole. If you run into assholes all day, you’re the asshole.” —Raylan Givens, Justified


What, I can’t have an undocumented brain disorder AND be an asshole? :grin:

Though I would say there is a big difference between being an asshole and noticing the poor behavior of others and playing it up for comedic effect on an internet forum.


Hey! That’s unfortunately relatable. I’ve come a long way in my misanthropy, though. It is a recoverable condition.

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Oh, man. This brings back some memories. My dad’s friend stayed with me for a bit when I was in college while he was off his medication. We went to his workplace, and every single car we passed on the highway was driven by his friend Henry. Henry was very sneaky, with lots of different disguises (and vehicles, and an ability to quickly change both while somehow looping around to come at us again). Henry was also on the cover of the Farm Journal.
I think it was more pure paranoia than this particular disorder manifesting, though. He also took a nap at 10 PM and was pissed when he woke up at midnight and I had prevented the sun from rising.
The worst part of the whole situation was that he was 6’6" and built like a dump truck. He was such a kind man, though. Even in his darkest times, he was more likely to hurt himself than anyone around him.


No, strike that. The worst part was definitely how hard it was for him to get quality mental health services.


This explains a lot about the GQP.

It reminds me of Let’s Be Frank, by Brian Aldiss. You can download that and read it here:

Let’s Be Frank is about an alternate world where, starting in the Middle Ages with one freak gene, gradually, by the present day, all the billions of people on Earth are the same person, Frank.

It’s funny seeing this article now, because just yesterday I wrote about how my grandmother used to call everyone Mike.

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