This dog's face is our new official reaction GIF to all of the things


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Jesus is watching you.


Awww. Somebody is obviously 90% grey alien DNA and fuzz by mass; but still knows how to find the 10% wolf when the mood strikes.


“I can see as clearly as any other guy. That dog coming in has got only one eye!”
“That dog’s not coming in, he’s going out!”

(Thank you, Benny Hill)

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That’s not a dog, I’m pretty sure it’s some kind of rodent.

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I am concerned about proptosis, but I suppose that’s just because of my relative unfamiliarity with dog faces.

Wolves are a lot more rational, and considerably less nasty/aggressive than mean little chihuahuas are.

I haven’t dealt with either long enough to judge personality; but I was just struck by how the tiny little alien fuzz dog has such strikingly similar jaw and tooth structure. Everything else looks wildly different; but the contents of the less-than-happy-grin? practically a scale model of the original.

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