This farm-to-table subscription box provides healthier and fresher meat

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3.05 pounds of beef for only $149? Be still, my heart!


I see these rather sticky offerings as light-hearted news stories.

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I was going to ask if those weights were per piece or total. That would be a big factor in considering such a purchase.

Does anyone know?

Pasture raise healthier, happier animals. But it’s not sustainable. It’s important to understand that it’s our treatment of animals that intensifies the risk of zoonotic diseases. However, the majority of people who eat animals are unaware that they are contributing to such a global health risk.
Would you give up eating animals for a healthier planet?

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This at least seems to be a plausible problem they are solving, unlike the “irregular produce” subscriptions.


Sell to me when you’re offering lab grown meat. Until then, I will help the broken food system by simply not eating meat.

This statement is misleading, and designed to create FUD: “The meat never contains any GMOs, hormones, pesticides, antibiotics, and all the other contaminants” … I suggest the author read up on the USDA regulations.

And $149 for a whopping THREE POUNDS of meat is ludicrous.

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