This fellow ran a marathon on his apartment balcony

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The Boston Marathon was postponed this year for the first time in its 124-year history. I am expecting that if it does get run in September there will be a much smaller field and far fewer spectators (and I’m not making a dark joke about COVID-19 deaths, I think the chilling effect of the virus will still be around in September. I’m not sure we will even have an election in November, here in the land of free-dumb.)


I wonder what his normal time is. It would be interesting to see what the effect of no-momentum running is.

I would guess his normal time is pretty good, considering he’s run so many, and felt the need to run a balcony marathon.

found this: And he did it in six hours and 48 minutes, a personal record nearly double that of his previous finish time.


Not surprising, in between all the time wasted reversing, and not having any momentum… I’m just surprised he didn’t get terminally dizzy after a few minutes with all the turning around he had to do.

This also serves as a great live load testing of a prestressed concrete beam. Thanks, volunteer subject!


It’s not quarantine until you are using ceiling components to shorten your time and adding shifty sideroutes for pets or captured bugs.

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There was a bicycling blog I used to read called Fat Cyclist, and every year he sponsored a cancer funder called “100 Miles to Nowhere”. The idea was that you took pledges and then did a century ride on an exercise bike, around you cul-de-sac, or in your driveway. I always thought it was a genius idea.

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