NYC record: 58 straight days with no pedestrian deaths

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So, is the flag lowered for the COVID-19 deaths? Anybody know?


I try to take photos of famous places with no one in the shot. Tiananmen square. Eiffel tower. Lincoln memorial. It’s a fun challenge. Taking the photos now wouldn’t be as fun.

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Or is it lowered for the stock market?

I haven’t heard anything about the stock market lately. How is it doing? Is it recovering? It certainly had us worried a couple weeks ago. Poor dear. Thoughts and prayers.


Don’t worry. The fed has been giving it regular cash infusions.

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I remember seeing a graph of average number of deaths over time in response to the idiotic “The flu kills lots of people too!” jerks. There was naturally a huge spike in deaths since the beginning of the pandemic.

It might be an interesting way to calculate non-reported/detected covid deaths by adding the difference between the current numbers non-covid related deaths and the average number of non-covid deaths.

Sorry, not trying to be morbid. I’m just a data guy.

I’m really hoping that some of the changes made to urban streets and pavements due to the pandemic remain permanent. A city where the personal automobile no longer takes priority is a healthier, cleaner and happier one.


This BBC article does a nice job of discussing the difficulties and realities of current death reporting.

There’s some strange stuff out there - all cause mortality is up, non-covid mortality might be down (less trauma, but perhaps more deaths from non-hospital heart attacks…). Strange times.

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“Can’t you see I’m SOCIAL DISTANCIN’ here?”


DC had this plan for 0 pedestrian accidents (Vision Zero) they announced a while ago or so. I thought it would be doomed to failure because you’ll never totally eliminate distractions for both pedestrians and drivers, but COVID-19 might allow them to achieve their goal 4 years early.


Times Square during regular days:

I had the same question.

Flags Will Remain Lowered While New York is on PAUSE

Edit: oh wait, I guess that’s not a state government building. But I assume many others follow suit?


An then you had to go and jinx it. Thanks Frauenfelder.


Makes me wonder: what was the previous record length? Or was that a regular daily occurrence?

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They average about one every three days.

Happening in Seattle.


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