COVID in US: 4,409 deaths, highest ever

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some of this is reporting catching up from the three-day weekend of course

things are definitely still worse than they were last spring


Let’s hope things will get better despite the Know-Nothings.

25 Likes reported 4,482 deaths back on Jan. 12 and the US sitting at just over 415,000 deaths - Covid Tracking Project is less than 400,000. Not that it means much in the big scheme of things, but I wonder which tracker is more accurate (there are others out there as well, I imagine).

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If we pro-rate it, that means Biden is only responsible for about 1500 of those.

And yes of course that’s sarcasm.


I’m waiting for this to happen. Suddenly the Republicans will notice all the things that were “fine” until now (like they normally only do with the deficit) and freak out as if they’re new. Either that or Trumpers will double down on mask avoidance and covid denial. Or both.


And yet a white house press reporter asked if Biden was going to redo Trumpy’s paint scheme on air force one.

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You can’t argue with the fact that as soon as Joe Biden became president Covid deaths/day were the greatest level they have ever been!!1!

(Oh, and by the way, the stock market reaching a high is only due to the residual effect of the previous President.)

Yeah, I would’ve gone with asking when Biden is going to eliminate Trump’s “Space Force.”


Trump said some stuff where he preemptively took credit for future improvements to the economy. (Which was somewhat funny as he was simultaneously admitting the economy wasn’t so great while insisting it was the best.) Having it both every possible way.

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Please, this. I came across the border into San Diego today on a necessary errand, and wound up sitting next to an unmasked gentleman on the trolley who questioned whether COVID actually existed.



Not too surprising, it’s 12 days after we peaked with over 300,000 new cases.

The good news is new cases are averaging under 200,000 for the first time since the beginning of the year.

The holidays are over, and those both propelled cases upward.

Biden is president, so we can have a non-clusterfuck-based vaccine distribution strategy.

Bad: universities starting up again, but at least those are a less at-risk age demographic

overall, things are looking better – largely because they were so screwed up already. But still.

I could’ve put the Beatles here but nahh


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