Coronavirus: At least 122,626 people in U.S. tested positive on Friday, largest single day

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Today’s daily count (now it’s yesterday, since they’re on GMT) for the US: 132,540, passing the 10 million case point today.

Ordering the list of states by cases per million people correlates very well with the likelihood of the state voting Republican in 2020. 9 of the 10 (and 17 of 19) states with the lowest rates voted for Biden. 9 of the 10 (and 15 of 19) states with the highest rates voted for Trump.

I just can’t imagine why there would be such a correlation!


third verse, same as the first

We’re just starting winter - here’s hoping we can keep out collective heads above the waves.

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And look who’s one of them.


Saw an interesting analysis of tRump’s loss in Georgia. Someone ran the numbers of the vote difference, the counties, the republican to democrat ratios for voter registration in those counties, and the COVID death count. Their analysis was that tRump could have squeeked out a win if COVID had been controlled, and so many Republicans hadn’t died (and had then voted for him).


In the long line of baffling choices made by Trump, this one is the most baffling. Who would have thought that he would decide that it would benefit him more by pretending that the virus didn’t exist, than to show even a minimal level of interest and concern for stopping its spread? The entire country would have rallied around him if he cast the problem as one needing us all to take effective measures to save lives and livelihoods.

In the end, he was undone by his own unwillingness to do the right thing. Kinda poetic if you think about it.


Nah, dead people vote anyway, my President told me so.


He’s deeply stupid.

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Please let’s just wear masks until we are vaccinated. It’s not really that hard.


Forget COVID Fatigue…I feel sorry for all the frontline workers who are suffering from COVIDIOT Fatigue.


Turn off IG, dude; it’s just younger FB with more pix and less text.


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