This footage of the MTS Oceanos sinking is still astounding


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Down to Davy Jones’ Locker she went.’_Locker


This ship sinking didn’t ring a bell until i went to the wiki and read the details. Now i remember hearing about it…

The ship initially set out sail under bad weather, things got progressively worse until the engine & generator rooms started taking in water. And then…

“Realising the fate of the ship, the crew fled in panic, neglecting the standard procedure of closing the lower deck portholes. No alarm was raised. Passengers remained ignorant of the events taking place until they witnessed the first signs of flooding in the lower decks”

The passengers were saved because an onboard entertainer took it upon himself to radio for help and personally saw to the evacuation of the ship. He was among the very last people to leave the boat. If that’s not a bad ass i don’t know what is.

Also no lives were lost so that’s the silver lining.


Unicorn chaser stat! After watching this and the Aussie driving disasters, not to mention living in Amerika now, my nerves need a break.


I think the most terrifying thing is the various very loud metal sounds coming from the ship as it sinks. I was not expecting all that noise.


What a punk!

When I order abandon the ship, it doesn’t matter what time I leave. Abandon is for everybody. If some people like to stay, they can stay.

-Captain Yiannis Avranas


That seems like something James Cameron might’ve known about but decided against including…too many people in the theater would be thinking WTF is that? Real yet uncanny noise!


Wondered about that–we were hearing internal sounds, metal stuff falling into other metal stuff, that were recorded…from a helicopter? That doesn’t seem likely.

Also, from the Oceanos WP page:

The Oceanos was featured in the 1986 film Hardbodies 2.

And from the “Hardbodies 2” page:

Leonard Maltin gave the film a "bomb" rating.


There may have been a news helicopter, if so it’s possible that they were recording on powerful directional mic? Maybe someone was using an underwater mic instead? Sound would have carried quite a distance if it was loud. Other than that i’m not sure how the recording could have been achieved.


the sound seemed dubbed on afterwards to me. like a cheap movie.


WTF? The front didn’t even fall off!


I went hunting, here’s the original:


And someone’s done the legwork of identifying components of the soundscore. :slight_smile:


I was thinking the same thing. If those sounds were loud enough to be heard OVER the sound the helicopter’s engine noise then they must have been truly deafening.


Tangentially related: ship noise from a ship that hasn’t sunk yet:


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The SS United States still holds the “Blue Riband” for being the fastest passenger ship to cross the Atlantic:

Traditionally, a ship is considered a "record breaker" if it wins the eastbound speed record, but is not credited with the Blue Riband unless it wins the more difficult westbound record against the Gulf Stream.


Thanks… the fake sound effects were atrocious.

@jlw please replace with this video.


Swapped. Thank you.


I like how the wiki entry says the ship sank “due to uncontrolled flooding”. I mean, isn’t that the cause of every ship sinking?