This ginormous egg had another smaller egg inside of it


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I understand this is how chickens lay eggs in Russia.




I guess “babushka” is a common mistake, but the word they are looking for is matryoshka.


That poor hen.


I feel like this would lead to a brutal case of hemorrhoids


She’s gotta have one sore cloaca.


Seems a lot of folks are quite fond of this one.




Release your mind and have the Quatto omelet.


Coming here to say that, thank you.


I loved that book as a kid (who didn’t daydream about hatching their own pet dinosaur?) but $34 is pretty damn steep for a children’s novel.


You just know that hen is going around tweeting: “I lay the BEST eggs. They’re YUGE!!! 2 eggs instead of 1. Not 1, but 2. Bigly eggs. You’ve never seen eggs like this…”


Reminds me of those cases like when they find your long lost twin inside your skull as a partially formed homunculus.


Wow, so many pages delving into the matryoshka / babushka heresy. Some say it’s interchangeable – mother? grandmother? feh! Others say “Oh, no, no, no, it means this and only this!” Consensus? For me, this comment from one random site or the other will do:

Matryoshka is a nesting doll system. Babushka is a cute name for a grandma & they don’t have to wear any scarves! Those are totally different things!!! I am Russian :slight_smile:

Please, note: I am talking about the terms within the past century or two. Matryoshka might be an old word for a mother in medeval times…lol

PS the famous Russian Doll Matryoshka is not interesting for us, Russian ppl. We don’t buy those & don’t own them, on average. It is for foreign ppl mostly :slight_smile:


When trying to see what ZeFrank was up to about a month ago, I watched a video by a buzzfeed staffer who was given an ostrich egg and pranked her parents by putting it in their chicken coup. It was funny. I’d share a link, b ut I can’t seem to find the video.


In fact, we have conflicting accounts from two different farm hands where the egg came from.

Farm Hand one says that they have a really large chicken which just showed up in the coop one day. That enormous chicken actually laid another live chicken which in turn laid the double-egg.

Farm Hand two says that he found the remains of an very large double egg outside the coop and believes the enormous chicken came from that egg.

Both are a little foggy on where and when the egg/chicken came from.

The owner of the farm has stated he isn’t sure which came first, the enormous chicken or the enormous egg.


Apparently, both eggs are ok to eat.

After being broken for four days? Yum.


My Dad found an egg like this in the carton he bought at the supermarket. The outer egg was a normal size though. What’s up with antipodean eggs?


…when children have children.