Mother arrested after taking her daughter and friends to throw eggs at homes and cars


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The yolk’s on her now. Her brain was scrambled when she hatched that plan.


In order to make a catastrophe, you have to break a few eggs.


Sounds like a real nice Mommy!


I understand how to throw 10 eggs at 10 houses.
But I have no idea how to throw 15 eggs at 20 houses. Can they be, like, reused?


Perhaps they separated the whites from the yolks first?


60 eggs at Costco $15, that’s correction 25 cents an egg 50cents an egg. WTF, that’s an expensive night out for shits and giggles.


From the article:

“The group allegedly threw around 10 to 15 dozen eggs at 10 to 20 homes.”


only one order of magnitude. not even a near miss, it was a near hit : )


When asked why she did it: “You got’a crack some eggs to make an omelette”.


Not sure if there was a missing word corrected, but both the original story and BB have it saying dozen right now.

Anyway, as someone who has never had the urge to do this activity, I find it repulsive. At least spraypaint can be used to make a point and nobody pretends that it isn’t removable.


Good. Lock her up.


I love those Terrore Nello Spazio uniforms!


It’s a crazy saying! I always imagine somebody laughing on the toilet about how wacky their poo is. Wee!


Back in high school it was always exciting to discover some kid’s parent(s) were desperate to be seen as cool and see what you could get them to do. Although, on more than a few occasions I was actually freaked out at how far they would cross the line and realized I was the most mature person involved.


If they wanted to be creative, they should have used fertilizer to write naughty messages into peoples’ lawns. But that would take foresight.


Is it, though?


sorry, I was overwrought with dismay, that’s 25 cents an egg…

“WTF, that’s an expensive night out for shits and giggles.”


Some of our math skills around here could be described as “a couple eggs short of a dozen”

But anyway, since 60 is only dozen and they had 10 or 15 dozen, that puts it at a $30 to $45 range for the family evening out.


Worth every penny for quality time with the family.