Man arrested for egging 85-year-old neighbor's house over 100 times


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I’m surprised the cops had such a hard time finding the culprit. All they had to do was look for the guy with egg on his face.

I’ll show myself out now.


Sounds like a new contender in the “what’s the perfect murder weapon” hypothetical.


Pelting someone to death has got to require in most cases a whole lot of eggs. I suppose you could shove one into someone’s mouth and block their air. Dropping someone into a deep hole with 20 feet of unbroken eggs in the bottom might insure their death.

Spreading raw egg on murder weapons would probably be best though, to take advantage of that feature.


After all that, how DID they catch him? I feel like the last chapter of this story is missing. Was it the surveillance camera?


That’s the kind of brainstormin’ I’m talking about!..


He was the old man’s former neighbour and the cops searched alleged egger’s house after he had moved out. Since the egger had lived there when most of the egging took place they probably found evidence of a lot of eggs.


What about a knife, expertly formed from eggshell and sharpened to a razor point, that when used, shatters into a million pieces?


You’ve just written half a script for a Bond movie, and maybe even sketched some characters.


I am moving house in a week or so.

I do not expect I will leave behind evidence of my level of egg usage.


I’m pretty sure that was the plot of an episode of Scooby Doo.


What I wonder is what drove this man to such extremes? What did the 85-year-old neighbor do to provoke such eggy wrath?


2 grand seems like a poultry sum when compared the hen-ous amounts of damage that have been inflicted. Might ruffle some feathers but I’d suggest a bond closer to 200k. That dude is a cock. I would not go so far as to say he needs to be fried, but maybe a tar and feathering?


I’m fairly sure the same end would be accomplished even if they’re already broken.

(Visions of deploying tiny egg parachutes to ensure a safe landing.)




Over 100 times? Man … that’s no yolking matter.


So, the police suspect foul play?


So did he give a reason?


Right I’m left screaming BUT WHY???


I mean, a few times you can attribute to boredom. 100+ times… that’s like either real hate or crazy…