Fried egg bandit baffles UK coppers




Looks like an excellent addition to Cops Pointing at Things.


Sometimes I feel like an underachiever.


Fowl play too.


So the perp is likely a British egg-head.

We’ve got a few around here that fit that description, wonder if any of them will crack.


Well I suppose it’s marginally better than leaving a piece of unopened mail, or a business card or something.



Obviously it is the chicken mafia, they always leave a dead body at the scene of the crime.


With this video they’re just egging somebody on to do more foolishness.


the criminal left that just to egg them on, the yolks on them.


Omelette you off with that just this once.


Poachers? I suspect friars.


I prefer my detective mysteries hard-boiled.


Have the police cracked the case yet?


I would like Xeni’s previous offense to be taken into consideration.


dude, she’s got dozens of offenses


An oeuf’s an oeuf! Stop it with the terrible puns. No yolk. I may tread souffle but I carry a big stick.


The culprit deserves a custardial sentence.


FYI: “Scilly” is pronounced like “silly”… so there’s that


I remember going down to the harbour to watch the silly onion ferry leave from Penzance…