Man steals chicken and biscuits, say police


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No one cock blocked him from taking the goods?


Shouldn’t that be “crying fowl”?


It annoyed me, too, that they wrote a pun-filled story but corrected all the puns.


Put out an APB on Leeroy Jenkins.

At least he has chicken.


Someone call Victor Hugo.


I’ve been that hungry.


Dang. I was so sure you were going to write

Winner winner, chicken dinner!


It’s crazy, but he’s also just a copycat. This guy’s been doing things like this on Instagram for a while.


Damned odd he didn’t at least get a medium sized drink with that…he’s gonna be dried out after all those biscuits.


White towel? I think this guy was Ford Perfect!



Hopefully those donuts go straight to his tiny waist and fills him out a bit.

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