This gorgeous video counts down the 25 best films of 2016

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Pretty sad how few of these I’ve seen or even recognize… :-/

Anyone got a list of what the 25 are?

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Thanks. I probably should have been able to Google that myself, but I appreciate the link :slight_smile:

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Ok, so I see this video… and I see this list…

And there are movie clips in the video not in the list…

Very happy to see Swiss Army Man and Kubo on this list, though I’m surprised he didn’t include Arrival, which many critics are tipping as a best-picture nominee.

I had very mixed feelings about Arrival, happy it was not included.

I was looking for this too, harder to find then you’d think. The video does list the movie titles though so it doesn’t stay like the first few minutes (total mash-up) throughout.

Many of these I have not seen. Some I have not even HEARD of.

Have not heard of The Fits, Sunset Song, A bigger Splash, or Toni Erdmann.

OJ Made in America - wasn’t that a NFL Films TV Documentary? Most likely never released in theaters.

The Lobster, while a good film overall, is way to full of WTF situations. Like they wanted to make a statement and went more and more outrageous with the plot to do so. The last third of the film goes way off the rails.

Swiss Army Man. The creators of the film admitted they had no real idea for the movie other than an image of a person being ridden like a jet ski across the ocean powered by farts. That’s all you need to know.

Lemonade - this was an extended music video. Somewhat of a stretch. And considering MTV doesn’t play music videos any more…

Also surprised not to see Arrival, but SCIFI isn’t considered “good” by most critics and MAY squeak by this year.

That’s the image that inspired the movie, but they most definitely had “real ideas”. Daniel Radcliffe & Paul Dano said they were amazed by how tightly storyboarded and plotted the film was. I personally thought it was the most original and funny movie I’d seen all year, and was impressed by how heartfelt and thoughtful a movie about a farting corpse was. Not surprised that it baffled audiences, though.

It deserved to be in there as far as i’m concerned. Glad high-rise made it though.

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So, to be clear, these are all Indie films, not ones from the big companies. That’s why you won’t see movies like Arrival on this list.

That said, I decided to go look for some of these since all of them looked mondo interesting. I found “The Witch” on Amazon Prime and started that, but it reminded me too much of a M. Knight Shymalan film and I wasn’t in the mood for one of those. I found “High-Rise” on Netflix and watched that one, which was pretty good overall. Great cast, great acting, really messed up, surreal story line. One of those films where it gets weirder and weirder as the story progresses, darker and darker towards the end, and continues to turn the screws and ramp things up. Very satisfying watch, and I’m going to return to the original J. G. Ballard novel of the same name at some point to read this winter.


The book’s great.

Oh, good point. And that also explains why things like “Lemonade” are on the list.

There were several movies that were in the initial montage but not in the countdown (I noticed several scenes from “Hunt for the Wilderpeople”, for example). I am fairly sure there were at least two scenes from “Arrival” in that montage (specifically at 1:11 and 1:47).

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