This gorilla dancing to 'Maniac' in a pool is everything


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I was about to say this is a dupe but I see you have the fan remix as well. :smile:


Brilliant pick-me-up for a Friday afternoon!
Just what I needed after that brutal ACLU video. Thank you, Rusty Blazenhoff, whoever you really are.

Edit - fixed very confusing typo.


All I can say is, I wouldn’t want to be the one to have to go tell her bathtime’s over.


probably Rusty Blazenhoff

also that was a fantastic mashup. for some reason i’m wanting to see flashdance remade with gorillas.


:notes: He’s a silverback, sillverbaaack…


Always dance like no one is watching. Then if they make fun of you, you’re a gorilla…rip their arms off.


Q: Where does an 800-pound gorilla dance?
A: Wherever it wants to.


I’m really Rusty Blazenhoff!


Oh no, what happened at UCLA? Google is no help…


I can only presume @ClutchLinkey meant ACLU


I didn’t hate the musical version but I honestly prefer the original, for whatever reason ^^’ .


Watching the original footage, I was surprised by the gorilla’s cultured tones when she said, “Its amazing” at the end.


Ah, ok, that makes sense. The only UCLA news is Lonzo Ball going #2 in the draft…it’s not quite #1 but I wouldn’t call it “brutal”


This gorilla is NOT dancing - it’s acting out in frustration at being confined. Gorillas generally roam over many miles of their territory during the course of a day, and are not well-suited to spending long periods locked up in cages.


Yes, thank you! Will fix that now.


Sorry for any confusion - @agies is right, I’ve since fixed the typo.

I believe you. Thanks for the link @redesigned.
Rusty - you must’ve seen the threads when you first started posting stuff here. There was a rumor that you were the alter ego of Rob Beschizza. Glad that is sorted.


I did but I figured y’all knew how to use Google lol so I didn’t say anything


Everyone assumes @beschizza is a mastermind of alternate accounts, at one time people thought @Flossaluzitarin was Rob. People thought @Falcor was Rob.

Rob is crafty and clever and funny, but could he really run an entire side account and refrain from his telltail photoshops? I’m not saying he has a photoshop problem, but if you ever need mouth eyes, he is the man…


Don’t forget the dank carpets in locked safes