This maniacal performance of "Maniac"(Flashdance) is a must-see

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That is nuts. Love it! :joy:


If someone told me this was Kris Kattan’s dad or uncle, I would 100% believe them.



Just leave my cat alone, you bloody maniac.

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Why, that looks amazing!

I wonder what became of her…

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Parisi chose to remain unvaccinated. On her website in December 2021, Parisi logged an entry entitled “Damned for Eternity” in which she told women that they “should be ashamed” of having children vaccinated against COVID-19 and that it was “criminal”. In a different post, Parisi stated that “For me, being socially responsible is one of the most overestimated virtues.”



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It must be embarrassing to have any friends or family members find out that one was even remotely associated with that project.

Hi. Your post wasn’t a direct click “Reply” to @jlargentaye post re her stance on vaccination. So, are you referring to that, or her decision to take part in the dance performance?

Maniac and nuts, for sure.

Not bad, but still has to top Willie.

As a teenager at the time this was made, I would have had nothing but disdain for this performance. But what amazes me is that even to me, this would have come across as relatively normal and not hilarious kitsch.

If you had any experience with '80s Europop at that time, this is fairly pedestrian.

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Sonofa - I just lost ten minutes looking for that clip in So I Married an Axe Murderer!

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