This guy submitted a 3D model of his face to get his ID card


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Wouldn’t it be easier to simply carry around a Polaroid, or some similar instant camera? If somebody asks for a card, just snap a photo, sign it, and be on your way. And unlike government-issued cards, it is always current.


He uses the word image, but im wondering if the application actually asks for a photo?
I guess one could take a photo of the screen/image and uae that.


He probably used some kind of imaging device to at least get a wireframe of his head shape upon which textures and tonality were built – and those also could have used photographs as a source. In any case, though, I’m not sure how creating a realistic 3D model is so different from a chemical process of light hitting film, or the accepted digital process of photons triggering ccds. If the end result looks enough like him to satisfy the identification criteria for the given application, it should be fine. There’s a level of abstraction in all image reproduction.


So he could have subtly altered his biometrics?


[quote]The document validating my french identity in the most official way thus presents today an image of me which is practically virtual, a version of video game, fiction.[/quote]Ooo, so edgy.

Ceci n’est pas une photo d’identification.



I would have thought an oil painting wouls have been more French.



A reference to both Archer AND baudrillard, I can only agree and love you


wow, that’s uncanny


cory, write this down


The document validating my french identity in the most official way thus presents today an image of me which is practically virtual

In what way is a photograph -not- virtual?

See I get that it’s a neat trick, and takes real talent, but let’s not get carried away, both processes involve meticulously mimicing reality, with different methods of automation.


It’s obvious how this will end:
his ID-card will be cancelled, or withdrawn, or whatever.
The reason for this will be that he just admitted to forgery, nevermind the fact that he did present the authorities with an accurate likeness of his own face.

And then he will smile smugly and reply that it was just a prank, bro, because he really lied about all the computer stuff and it was actually just a regular photo of him the whole time

And everyones minds will be (predictably) blown.


It would be a whole lot edgier if it weren’t for the fact that every photo is a ‘fiction’ in the sense he is using.


(…)“I applied for an ID card to the 18th Army.”(…)
… no u dont :frowning:

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