This handy site catalogs monumental trees from around the world


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Stellar! I passed it on too.


Somewhere I have pictures of “The Largest Cashew Tree in Brazil”. It was probably 30’ high or so at its tallest, but sprawled across about half a city block.


most of the big trees I know have been abused and don’t show their true nature


Still no clues as to where this one is, are there?
The image is easily found all over the Internet, but never with traces of its origins.


I guess it’s not a monumental tree, but in Athens, GA there is a tree that owns itself:


I usually see it attributed to Happy Valley, Hong Kong.


Huh. Well, that seems to solve that little mystery. Nicely done. :+1:

See also Flickr


Good call.
GIS: ‘Happy Valley Hong Kong tree roots pavement’


If you are just looking for the biggest trees, and are in the US, there is also American Forests’ National Register of Champion Trees..


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