This has shown that Apple has some of the best and dumbest engineers under the same roof

Talk about an obviously missed opportunity

Here are a few unrelated facts:

  • Up until few weeks ago, Apple was selling the Siri Remote, one of the least popular (and most easily lost) remote controls ever made, with a slick glass and metal chassis that’s practically designed to slip behind a couch cushion.
  • Apple also recently released its AirTag trackers, which use a Bluetooth network of Apple devices and local ultra-wideband tracking to help locate missing items, whether they’re across town or a few feet away in the room with you.
  • The AirTag tracker has a small speaker, so you can find it buried in a couch or under a pile of throw pillows.
  • Apple just redesigned the Siri Remote, which it announced at the same event as the AirTags trackers.
  • Apple did not include a UWB chip in the new Siri Remote to allow users with recent iPhone devices to track said remote if they manage to lose it.
  • Apple is a company that produces cases for almost all of its products (including the iPhone, iPad, and AirTag tracker) — but not either iteration of the Siri Remote.
  • Apple’s official support document for “If you lost the remote for your Apple TV,” advocates that users either use the Apple TV remote function integrated into iOS devices or just buy a new one.
  • My Apple TV remote is somewhere in my living room, and no, I don’t have any idea where it is.

I feel this way about Sony products.

So many products over the last few decades with wonderful fit and finish, gloss, functionality, with so many poorly thought out design decisions.

I’ve been saying for fucking years now that TV manufacturers need to produce TVs with a big button on the top that, when you press it, makes the remote go ‘beep beep beep’. You could do this with dollar-store grade technology, dammit.


Jemaine: “I think you might have ruined my phone when you made me that camera-phone… and my camera.”



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