Improve the Apple remote with a purple rubber band

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Oh, I smell a Kickstarter coming on…

Also, reminded of the disastrous UI of the hockey puck mouse - yet another example of Apple forum over function, of symmetry for symmetry’s sake…


Jared Sinclair fixed the “fearful symmetry” of his Apple remote

I blame Jony Ive’s immortal hand or eye.


Having a purple rubber band fetish, this is a must have, indeed.


Clearly, you’ve been holding it wrong…


Way better in artisanal , hand crafted, hypo-allergenic silicone…


thats not an asparagus band - that’s an iGrip, comes in 5 colors, released quietly on the tail of the iPhone6 battery case. 29.99. what?


Beautifully, unapologetically rubber.


Is he visually impaired? The divot at the top breaks the ‘symmetry.’ The buttons aren’t symmetrical either. Kind of a low fear threshold.


Stop it, you know I get crazy with that kind of talk…

Well, here’s a Kickstartered-wallet based on the elastic band around broccoli…

Hpmh. Not retro enough. I’m going with Gutta-percha.


Funded! :-0

Now available for sale to the general public for the full retail price of $12.

Or, soon, I’m thinking, for $12 at the BoingBoing Store (60% off!)


I like the puck mouse! My only problem with it is that is, as most Apple mice have been. single button.

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Do you remember the add-ons that came out that, like the rubber band trick, helped you orient the device correctly? I suppose in some ways, bad apple design decisions have been great for 3d party sellers, and, um, broccoli sales?

(I also remember all of the USB floppy drives we had to buy for iMacs because our software and/or license keys were on 3.5" floppies…)

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No, actually delayed. Because crowd-funding can’t even ship rubber bands, I guess.

No, I don’t remember those. I don’t understand the problem - it’s got a cable and button on one side to orient it by. If it was buttonless and cordless like their current mice probably are, this would have been crazy.

Arg… I had those problems, and to a degree still do. But I blame more the software companies for offering expensive software with authentication using near-obsolete technologies. I already hated floppies by then, and was not sad to see them go. There is also a special place in hell for those who required ADB dongles.

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Better looking than the iPhone battery case.

Because you couldn’t feel the cable when you had your hand on the mouse - it lacked reliable tactile feedback on the orientation. A UI disaster, as we use mice by feel, not by looking at their orientation.

Ah, I hated the chain of dongles, though I felt a bit smug about how good my rig was in terms of specialized software. Too bad Apple kept trying to kill off any support for pro-software (before getting into it big time to sell iron, and then killing it, again, with the demise of FCP, Aperture, Shake… because now Apple’s profit comes almost entirely from phonies, and actual computers (and professional customers) are an afterthought.)


But, but he said he spent an entire day sewing them in August… :-0

…I hope Kickstarter will send the reporter they hired to write about (but not actually do anything about) the drone debacle to investigate this, too… Well, really, they should just keep him on full time.