This illustration demonstrates VR's "infinite canvas" possibilities


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Great. Now I have to worry about coming home and finding that the kids have painted the walls virtually. Nice going, science!

/unplugs keyboard, carries it around house hitting ‘delete’ key


This. Though, more specifically AR - augmented reality - will mean that every single surface in the world will be covered with dickbutt and goatse.


The News ~ “In a shocking development today, VR vandals have again drawn dicks on everything…”


Have you seen the movie The Conrgress?

The movie starts in present day and then makes several 20 year leaps in time. With a consensual AR eventually taking over. It’s not without its flaws but I love the movie. While it doesn’t show a world covered in dicks, many of the later avatars are definitely in that mindset.


I love the way the movie jiggles about to give the 3D effect. Not enough to be annoying (at least in a 1 minute sample), but very effective.

But an infinite canvas? You could lose stuff in there!


The book it’s based on, the Futurological Congress by science fiction great Stanislav Lem is great!


You know, I’ve seen the movie around a dozen times and always say I should read the book but haven’t yet. Thank you for the reminder. I will give it a read while on holiday vacation this next week. :grin:


And that’s only $35.00
I keep being amazed by how much tech we get for less and less.


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