This ingenious machine turns feces into drinking water


Impressive stillsuit discipline.


Here’s a solar powered model:

(Not to be too snide: this really is pretty cool.)


Fascinating. Questions raised in my mind:

  1. Not all the water you drink goes into your feces, so it would provide diminishing returns on drinking water. How much extra contaminated water could you mix with the input before it stops producing enough energy to cook the mixture?
  2. Are there any issues with scaling this up based on community size?
  3. How efficient is electrical output? Can a human’s worth of poop produce a human’s worth of electrical usage? (and if so, based on what country’s per capita energy consumption)
  4. Any reason this couldn’t be used on 1st world the pig waste lagoons?

If you put Windows 8 in on one side do you get Windows 7 out the other?


Delicious water? Bill, it’s supposed to be flavorless!


A friend of mine was one of the people who helped produce this:


Sounds like that water is some good shit, man


If we put Comcast into it we’d get a tidal wave.


I just had a random thought about what homeopathic practicioners must think about this.


We already have the tech to turn urine back into drinking water (ISS), so I expect this is an expansion of that that’ll reclaim more water.

Also the quote seemed to mention sewage, so rather than poop this is more of being able to handle all the bodily waste going down into the sewers.

That requires energy, though, it doesn’t produce it.

I think @peterk’s question was simply what proportion of liquid waste can you have before this thing doesn’t have enough solids to burn to purify the water. I think that’s a very technical question that simply has as much to do with the specifics of how this was made as it does basic physical laws. But it’s also fairly irrelevant. The question right now isn’t whether this will work to re-capture all the water we’d ever need on Mars while still producing excess energy, the question is whether this system is better than what is in use right now. It does seem, at first glance to be the case.

This has the power to completely transform Two Girls, One Cup


Settle down claimjumpers, I’ve aready bought the domain

If they get Sarah Palin as the spokesperson, I’ll buy the poster, but not the water.

Remind me how trees produce electricity? Or turn sewer sludge to potable water without miles of wetlands etc?

I like the solar powered model better. It has the amazing ability to make copies of itself, unencumbered by DRM.

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If you were to tell me in 1995 that Bill Gates would end up desperately needing a shave and drinkin’ poo in 20 years, I would’ve offered you my bagphone for a round of whatever you were snorting.


Well, back then I thought he desperately needs to eat shit and die. And for some more years afterwards, when I became a sysadmin. Apparently my wishes from then are half-fulfilled now.


I shall claim Macrodoodywater or Bigdoodywater