This is a 19th-century breastpump


“The latest in steampunk fashion accessories, it can also double as a super soaker.”


And here was me thinking it was the Victorian equivalent of a bong…


That’s quite awesome! I love learning about old “everyday” sort of tech items. We’re taught about all the big machinery aspect of the industrial revolution, but seldom see the small household sort of stuff.

The technology hasn’t changed all that much…
enter link description here

So…kinda like a reverse clyster? Time to update my list of victorian fetish-gear.

The quality of the gasket in the pneumatic cylinder part of the device might well be better in the modern version (contemporary elastomers are quite handy that way); but the build quality of the rest of the system appears to have suffered considerably over time.

I’m not seeing it. Can we get a demo?

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