This is Birdpunk, the intersection of DIY, environmentalism, and birdwatching


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As long as they’re not twitchers. The last thing we need is more twitchers.



That’s punk as fuck! Unlike Beto O’Rourke! :wink:



What a poseur! :rofl:


All of these things “intersected” in the 18th century. It’s not exactly the same thing as punk.

Or is this like “hack,” the adjective that is destined to replace all adjectives? Punk weather we’re having.


One of the key elements of punk (according to Dick Hebdige at least) was the bricolage nature of punk fashions from across time. The recontextualization of signs from the past into a modern form was something punks excel at.



Excellent! X-Ray Spex were brilliant!


If there is any subculture that could use an injection of punk sensibilities, it’s birders.


I’ll just leave this here.



I’ve got something to say
I saw a cardinal today
And it mattered very much to me,
because birbs are my friends.


and here I thought it was the hair…


Audubon: if it helps the memory, he was a French immigrant (who shot birds to draw and paint them, yes).

And being a punk birdwatcher is not a huge stretch, more power to them for pursuing this when others may find it unlikely.

One thing I understand about birdwatching, is that its sometimes done while traipsing through woods and/or near private property, and even if you look the part of a “birdwatcher,” it can get hairy. People who dont look the part, in various ways including skin color, you can imagine how it might get.


Why birdpunk? Why can’t we just throw them in with the rest of the hipsters?


ChildArt, BabyArt, Punk, meet our hipster friend, Birdpunk.
She has a JD and a store Etsy don’t like the swagger of.
And indoor cats.


The drummer?

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