This is how you cut a deck of cards, or ten


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My confidence in CO2 cartridges has gone way up.


There is an impressive amount of energy stored in 12 grams.

They should NOT try this with a full 20 oz tank. I think it would end badly.

That said - the playing cards were amazingly satisfying.


And an equally impressive storage cartridge to boot. It took much more abuse than I would have imagined.


12 grams are made of steel. I am guessing they are over engineered because they lack burst discs, and you don’t want them exploding if say you left them in your car on a hot day. (CO2’s pressure changes with the temp)

The larger refillable tanks are aluminum. They have burst disks to prevent them from going over the pressure rating of the tank. Though you can circumvent this by putting in a steel disk. That’s a bad idea, though.

The really, really big tanks are steel though.


Better than coffee for me this morning… this will have me smiling all day.


After watching that, I feel like I need to smoke a cigarette…


Guillotine? Hah! That thing couldn’t even go through my arm! Hold my beer.



Spoiler alert - you’re going to be holding his beer for awhile… a long while.


4 x the fun:


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