This is how you rescue sea turtles from plastic fish nets in the Pacific Ocean

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TIL sea turtles are a lot less bitey than terrestrial turtles. Even the smallest ones on land I have seen will try and take a chunk out of you when feeling threatened.



Those guys make me happy. Thanks, bro.


Many thanks, sexy norwegian sailor dude. :+1:t4:


Well Done !!

side note: my mother spent years walking the beaches in Florida trying to protect turtle nests. While she can’t walk anymore, she’s still an avid bird watcher. Ingrained this stuff in me, I think.

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Yep, good on them for saving the turtle family, even (especially) the crabby grand dad, the last one.

Side note: I got me a pair of those scissors. Best freakin tool in my chest. Any Amazon or other packaging doesn’t stand a chance, they’re so badass. Dude’s lucky he didn’t deflate that little dingy even more with them super cutters.

Thank goodness for compassionate activists! Fishing harms so many animals and in so many ways. These 4 turtles are among the infinitesimally rare surviving victims of it. Please don’t support it! All of the nutrients derived from fish, and from animals in general, can be obtained more healthfully, humanely, and environmentally responsibly from plant sources.


truth. commercial fishing gear contributes by far the most to plastic waste in the ocean. There are dozens upon dozens of videos on YouTube just like this going back years.

but straws are the problem. right

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