This is the power strip I have under my desk


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Oh the stories it could tell…


Was gonna say something similar, about many wall tethered devices.

Points for being way more tactful, bro. And funny.


Sexy! Power strip porn!

If only they could make those things without an “Off” switch … you know, the switch you accidentally trip with your foot at a critical data-saving moment. I’d pay extra for a power strip with no switch.


I have like four of these. Maybe five? Some of mine are homemade from wiremold and SOOW wire, a couple were salvaged from old equipment racks.

I like them on the wall above my workbenches, in easy reach!


The “under my desk and against the wall” bit set you off, didn’t it?


Note that “sale” does not necessarily mean lower price.


Broken link in description.

Here is the corrected link.


I love having these, but two things to worry about.

  1. This is NOT a surge protector. Don’t treat it like one and you’ll be fine. (you can plug it INTO a surge protector, which is what we did in the lab where I work)

  2. Note that if you plug a bunch of high-current devices into this thing it will overload the circuit you’ve plugged into-- the Circuit Breaker on it should help in this regard, but you should still be careful.


Overloaded power strips can double as space heaters!


As well many others.


This is the dust bunny I have under my desk.


Dust Puppy or Crud Puppy?


They do. Hammond makes them, and others. You have to do some perusal of the catalog.


The local Fry’s Electronics has them as well. I have 6-7 of them around the house. Very useful.


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Fixed! Thanks!