This is the worst smell in the world


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I just got some of this! It smells really bad! I sprayed it on a sock and left it in my roommates room. His room smelled terrible. He was pissed. He’s still kind of pissed. I endorse this product 100%! Also dogs seem to be extremely interested in it.


But is it itchy?


And Stilton is the best smell. But not when your dog eats it.


They finally bottled the smell of New Jersey in the Summer. What a delightful thing that is!


Ah yes, liquid ass. I am a nurse working in a hospital and another nurse brought a bottle of this one night. I sprayed a bunch on some paper towels, put it in a tube, and sent it to another unit. They were expecting an exploded stool sample that was supposed to go to the lab. The brave soul that checked only found some paper towels. Best work prank I’ve ever done.


More info here.

Generally, if you want some nice bouquet, use thiols, and sulfur and nitrogen heterocycles.

Also, carbon diselenide has some notable olfactory qualities:


is the name of my new punk band.


Is this the same thing as U.S. Government Standard Malodor?

Edit: damn you, @shaddack! Are you shoulder surfing again?


Took me quite some time and google-fu to find its composition for wikipedia, couple years ago…


Les Chants de Malodor?


“Worst smell in the world”? Pbbt! Challenge accepted.


I was going to guess Trump farts, or maybe his hair. Who knew the answer was “Liquid Ass”? I’m thinking that is pretty close to my guess…


I love Things I Won’t Work With, especially the posts on azides and other entertainingly excitable nitrogen compounds.


Thioacetone sounds like it would be worse.


A guy where I used to work had a bottle of this. I can confirm it was the worst thing I ever smelled. When I moved on to a new job his parting gift was a squirt of this in my car.

Amazingly the smell doesn’t stick around long so it’s hard to stay mad.




topped by this

which (fair warning) is one of the most horrifying stories ever. Then there’s this:

a smell which necessitated the evacuation of an entire nearby village when it was first made.


I have a morbid curiosity to see WTF #2 looked like.

Not smell…


So . . . is this part of the Boing Boing Holiday Gift Guide now?


Someone been listening to 99pi.