This is your chance to pull Elastic Man's face and watch it snap back


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Looks more like elastic morty actually.


Pretty sure this has been around for quite some time


This reminds me of a 2001 video game called “Stretch Panic” which used an inventive gameplay model that involved grabbing and stretching characters and landscapes with a magical elastic scarf.


Unfortunately the gameplay was painfully repetitive and the sexism didn’t help either (yes, those baddies are basically almost entirely made of boobs). It would be fun to see someone make an updated version with modern video game physics though.


This is part of a crazy collection of mini weird experiments:

Say goodbye to your morning/afternoon/evening/night (depending on your time zone).


Noby Noby Boy was designed by the guy that made Katamari, and the gameplay involved stretching the main character to ridiculous lengths. I never played it myself so i can’t comment on how fun it was or not.


I spent way, way too long playing around with this. I always get stuck with these things, somehow…


So, how exactly did they write Elastic Man?


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