This LEGO robot cooks eggs and bacon

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Seriously though. Inspiring channel!


“My father cooks breakfast every Saturday and Sunday- it is 104 times a year! He deserved this present.”

speaking as a father who does in fact cook breakfast every weekend and nearly every meal in our house…no, I do not appreciate it. While I appreciate someone else giving me a meal off from time to time to sit back and relax, I love to cook for my family. It is one of things I do as a show of love and care for my spouse and our children. I’d prefer to not be replaced by autonomous legos.

it’s a cool lego robot build though.


Needs more Simone Giertz!


With a dash of Doc Brown

And a smidge of Caractacus Potts


These violent means have violent ends!

Yep, that’s half of my thought process.

The other half was someone else is cooking the other 990 meals. Which, you, robot maker, just totally ignored.

(No, seriously, thank you for cooking and for enjoying doing so. I cook by default & necessity in my household - Spouse has anosmia and would be happy if Purina made Human Chow since it all tastes the same anyway - and it’s one of those chores that, no matter how enjoyable, can get annoying or gendered or both, and there’s no reason for it.)

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How quick we are to judge these days. So eager to be angered.

I cook breakfast every weekend. That doesn’t mean it’s the only meals I cook, just the only meals that are so ritualistic. Breakfast is the same meal every saturday, every sunday. That’s what makes it a prime candidate for robots like this. It’s no judgement on who actually makes which meals, just that most mealtimes we aim for a level of variety that legobot would be unsuited to.

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