This man is the master at making hedge mazes


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I wouldn’t worry too much about Jack chasing you.


No thanks. I’ve already lost too many gardeners to minotaurs.


Adrian, surely? Not Adam.
(checks website. Yes, appears to be Adrian.)

I haven’t done a maize maze for ages. Must remember to look one up this year.


Wow, the way this person understands how to budget the time and resources to pull this off - and to organize all the effort - is astounding.

They’re a great hedge fund manager.

(I’ll see myself out)


I always admire people who 1) are really good at something (especially something unusual), and 2) can turn it into a career.

(I’m still working on 1.)


You are now officially invited to Dad Joke Club. You can pick up your uniform–cargo shorts, a Tommy Bahama shirt, and flip flops–at dad club reception.

I’ll meet you there.


Which sorcerer does he work for?


before google got into street view I used to screen cap maps of interest and do some linking


This is the sort of thing I’d commission if I were wealthy. Probably have a little game room shaped like a mini-castle in the middle.

I do believe this is truly living the dream. I’d love to find a niche like this.


I have a career in something I am really good at; don’t admire me though, I did it so I could eat. I admire people who can go to work they don’t love!




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