This musician plays emoji sounds with his guitar, and they're awesome

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i really wanted to see him play :face_vomiting: :hot_face: :man_shrugging: :eyes: :poop: :eggplant:

I mean yeah, helicopter and whale are emoji’s but they are also things that make noise.
Don’t get me wrong this is still impressive, but the title is a bit misleading.

I’m a big fan of using this for :cheese::

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Why is the “Rotary telephone” emoji a picture of a touch-tone phone?

He actually did do :poop: (at about 2:16) but otherwise yes, I also had the same expectations as you.

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My first thought was that his guitar itself looks like it could be an emoji.

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These are brilliant. The air compressor use was inspired. Though I did cringe a little for those strings when he used the serrated knife to make he phone ringing sound.

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