This "Noggle" tube redirects A/C to your backseat passengers

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That’s pretty cool (no pun intended). Though I have to wonder about the “fancy” part. Smaller cars never usually have back seat vents because the space is small enough that heat/cool gets back there. The average family sedan, mini van, wagon, or SUV is going to have rear area vents.

I don’t think it’s about “fancy” and more about “age”. Anything built before 2000 will most likely be sparse for rear ventilation, anything newer than 2010 will most likely have back seat vents.

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Clipping a small fan (usb or lighter socket powered) to the vents also helps move the air to the back of the car.


cool kid: refreshed, lively, noisy.
hot kid: tired, sleepy, quiet.
use that 50 bucks on something for yourself!


Please do not be alarmed. We are about to engage… the noggle. Please do not move while the noggle is engaging.



Cool idea. Insane price point. It’s just a bit of dryer vent hose with a clip on the end to hook onto the vent and a fabric cover.

Given how much it appears to get in the way of the driver and passenger I’m kind of dubious about the utility of this gadget.


I’m using a Noggle right now!


Am I the only person that noticed that there is closed AC vent directly above the kid?


You beat me to pointing out it’s basically flexible dryer duct. I can’t vouch for using in the car, but it, and a bathroom fan, made a passable replacement for a $3000 hazardous environment helmet air supply for grad school research.

Oh, and duct tape. Plenty of duct tape!


normally i would agree with this…but after that 101 degree baseball game yesterday i wanted my kid to get some air.

Yup. You could also tape some whirly tubes to the vents for a lot less.

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A friend of mine lived with an eccentric old cousin in American Samoa for a few years. She had an old car that was so run down, you could watch the road whizzing by through the holes in the floor.
There was also a tendency for noxious fumes to vent into the passenger space, so she compensated by duct taping snorkels through the windows. She was very adept at driving while breathing through the snorkel, taking it out to speak, and putting it back in again…


Huh, wonder if the DMV will let me pass inspection if I explain the snorkel system.


My 2015 Toyota RAV4 does not have air vents in the back seat. My teenage son complains about it all the time. I should get him one of these, or maybe a pool noodle.


Really? I wonder if that’s one of those “because it’s considered small but isn’t really small”?

Our 07 CRV had them. Both our 2012 and 2015 outbacks have them too. Our 06 odyssey had a billion vents in the rear but I assume all mini vans have since their inception.

Like I said. I bet generally speaking the majority of “family” vehicles have back vents. But this is a neat third party option for those that don’t.

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I have a back vent in my Golf. It’s never come in handy, but it’s there. Every time I remember I have it back there, I marvel at how awesomely thoughtful VW is in so many areas in designing their cars.


You’re not. But since I had gone through the effort of circling it… here it is.



Makes a dandy intercom !

My hot kid is usually cranky, cribbing and tiring.

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yeah that’s how i remember it too. but i went for the cheap joke anyhow.