This notebook has pages proportioned for phone and computer displays

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Once upon a time, doing whiteboards like this would have been useful…

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My phone, my tablet, my laptop screen and my monitor all have different aspect ratios. So A4, A5 or letter size work just as well.

But if you only have one device, and don’t plan to keep your notes longer than the device, it‘s probably cool. :grinning:

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There are so many webpages which purport to list paper sizes. But aspect ratio is left as an exercise for the reader. Yes, many standards use a fixed ratio. But I’m more interested in antique standards.

I’d be so pleased if I could find landscape format pads of lined paper - and it’s nothing to do with screen aspect ratios. I like to work with a pad of paper just in front of me, and then a key board just past that. Inorder for the keyboard to not be too far away, the pad of paper needs to be turned sideways - thus I end up writing on vertically lined paper which is just not a great idea.

Has anyone ever seen pads of landscape format lined paper? I’ve searched with no luck.

the whole “video taller than wide and wider than tall” problem goes here. do I have to draw TALL always to make it fit. what if I like wide better. does it scale down to fit TALL on the phone defeating the shape of the paper…

Maybe try grid ruled paper?

Just print your own.

landscape paper with the binding/spiral on the short side is available, search for landscape pad or horizontal pad.

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Jus buy a bigger size one and cut it in two using a paper cutter (most copy shops will let u use their paper cutter for free if you buy the pad there).

And as a bonus: you get a second pad :slight_smile:

Chipsa: grid paper isn’t too bad and maybe that’s the way I should go

FGD135: could do, but I’m looking for cheap low quality pads I can rip through quickly - I can only program if I scribble

Lizard-of-oz: I’ve found landscape pads but not ones that are ruled. Maybe my google-fu is weak.

Ghost: the way I’m visualising I get a pile of loose paper, not a second pad :slight_smile:

Cheers all

Some grid paper was designed for this specifically. If you can still find ‘Whitelines’, I always really loved those notebooks.

The other thing you could try is the old fashioned note-paper trick, with the lines on a separate sheet that you place under the unlined sheet you are writing in. If the paper is fine enough, you see the lines through.

Landscape lined” brings back many hits for me.

If only people were capable of using regular graph paper notebooks and drawing rectangles of any aspect ratio they wanted.

And then just cropping the photo when taking it, or editing it afterwards?

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