This Ohio cricket farm is first in US to raise 'chirps' for human consumption


What has six legs and is a totally delicious superfood? Crickets

They don’t have much flavor. I’ve had them deep fried, mostly seasoning and crunch.

I’d actually prefer them in that form rather than cricket flour, though flour opens up a bunch of more advanced culinary uses.


Eating bugs more is great, unequivocally. If there’s nutritious, delicious and sustainable stuff out there to expand our diets, excellent. I’m not looking forward to now having to hear the extra syllable in people’s food identities, i.e lacto-ovo-pesca-arbotarian. Just eat your food. Whichever foods, in moderation, and according to your personal balances, both moral and nutritional, but just eat it. I actually heard someone on the teevee the other day say that a person who is primarily vegan, but eats meat occasionally called a “flexitarian.”

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I agree. I’d rather eat them fried and crunchy.

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Slaughtering and grinding are separate steps?


First you have to hang them up by their feet and slit their throats to let the blood pump out.

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I’m with other folks who would vastly prefer to eat the whole bug, versus powder. Powder sounds gross, whole bug is fine, I’ve had cricket tacos and they were great. Would love fried and spicy cricket snacks to be widely available, what a great bar food that could be!

If you have to brag that you can’t even taste or detect your new superfood…


Cricket flour? Don’t you mean the cricket version of ground beef?!

On another note.

It’s a woman-founded, woman-owned startup, and they have a Kickstarter going.

I feel disappointed that after all this time things are still at a stage where this is seen as rare enough for someone to feel inclined to mention on BB.

Actually, no special treatment needed to make 'em kosher. Leviticus 11:21-23

Yet these may ye eat of every flying creeping thing
that goeth upon [all] four, which have legs above their feet,
to leap withal upon the earth; [Even] these of them
ye may eat; the locust after his kind, and the bald locust
after his kind, and the beetle after his kind, and the
grasshopper after his kind. But all [other] flying
creeping things, which have four feet, [shall be] an
abomination unto you.

Wasn’t an article on this posted less than a month ago by another author? … Yep. Same photo too.

With the new layout and the numerous duplicate posting topics of late, I almost feel like BoingBoing has turned into some sort of experiment on short attention spans.

I’ll re-post this link now too for all those who hate the new format and still haven’t found the links others have posted that are likely being obscured by the difficulty of following threads in the new format.

(Forgive me for that atrocious sentence construct, but this new format is really pissing me off.)

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Can we just agree that we should leave words like ‘superfood’ to the quacks so we can properly utilize it as a red flag for bullshit, like god intended? Thanks.

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