This package can turn your smartphone into a one-stop video production house

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The rig shown is not what a ring light is for. A ring light is for placing around a camera’s lens to give even shadowless light without having to have a very large light source. There is no point in putting a ring light, as opposed to a different shaped light, above a camera as shown in the photograph. Ring lights give your eyes weird reflections. So they’re not generally the best light to use unless you have a very specific need for one.



I think that’s just her natural hypno eyes… :thinking:


Is that Poppy?



Good. !? !

“This video requires payment to watch.” Uh, no thanks.

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This looks like some Sharper Image garbage. Hey, how about not shilling for junk like this?

my wife just got one of these for video conferencing and not only is it not needed, the ring light produces very noticeable reflections off her glasses (at least the one she got put the camera mount in the center).

Waste of money IMHO.

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Luckily, the BoingBoing store has you covered here:

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Ah, let the influencing begin!

@Exonauts It was a trailer for a movie when I watched it. No charge.
Anywho: I just thought the two women’s eyes kind of looked alike and maybe it was Poppy without a wig or something.

I don’t see where the mic has any lightning connection for iPhones. Even the IK website just shows that mic with only a 1/8" TRS jack. So it’s not for any recent model iPhone unless one acquires a ADC with lightning connecter out.

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