This page is dedicated to photos of goths in trees

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Awesome, but reboing…

But I’ll post this here anyways…


Observer: What are you doing up there?

Goth: Eating crab apples. They suit my mood.

Observer: But that’s a peach tree.

Goth: I know, I brought my own crab apples.


Reading the headline I was wondering for a moment if it was describing one of those “goats in trees” websites and just had a typo/autocorrect issue.

In 2012 KEXP noticed the trend and responded with their own photo shoot for World Goth day. They reposted the photos in 2019

World Goth Day + Earth Day = Goth in Trees Day

Ok, that explains the deja vu I experienced seeing the headline.


are they the ones who staple bread to trees? :thinking:

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I hope someone called the fire department to help get them back down.

I could make a few criticisms that some of the pictures seem to be of punks or metalheads but there is clearly trees and the people (whatever philosophy they subscribe to) are clearly in trees.

I can also contribute the observation that this page is objectively awesome.

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