This person designs alarm sounds to wake,warn, annoy, or otherwise alert you


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huh, I was sure it was going to be my mother law. She’s the queen of annoyance.


I have speculated that the the ring (pause) ring (pause) pattern of old fashioned telephones is effective because of the way it mimics a baby’s pattern of cry (breathe) cry (breathe).


Above 20,000 Hz, she says, an alarm ”starts sounding not really urgent, but like a squeak.”

Maybe that should be 2,000 Hz? Above 20,000 and it sounds like every dog in town barking.


Shouldn’t this be a 99pi podcast?


Agreed. As the poet-philosopher William Joel once wrote: you can’t get the sound from a story in a magazine.


It’s a dirty job, but somebody has to do it.


My alarm already makes the most hideous sounds imaginable. It is set to conservative talk radio.


Ah, thank you for this! Over the past few years I’ve been thinking someone (maybe me) should write a story on sound designers for emergency devices.


My pet peeve is the new chip readers that are attached to card-swipe readers. Their ‘please remove your card now’ tone sounds more like ‘Would you fucking take your card now?’


Or more like a transaction denied beep even.


This person designs alarm sounds to wake,warn, annoy, or otherwise alert you


This person has 0 albums of Severed Heads’ albums to the purpose to work from.
Truman Capote X Alarmy (Android App; shake nn times or take pic. of sink plumbing to continue) FTW.

Alternately: Gentle encouragement that the farmers’ market can be made in time, then selection of a market with reasonable hours as you actually leave, countered with the option of smelling successively danker leftovers burning.
You miss using a turn signal and your Lincoln or Shimano Specialty or whatever starts up with the Phillip Seymour Hoffman lines, and revisits what you did not do with the raddochio last time.


channel 4 equinox programme did an item on early warnings
really spooky …if you could imagine yourself in a wilderness and this haunting sound
just comes across… but the decay is real slow…


I used to have this on my alarm clock.

Put the alarm clock at the other side of the room, set the volume to loud, and you will never sleep through another alarm again.


I use different songs on my alarm to remind the half-asleep me of what day it is (and thereby how much I can get away with hitting the Snooze button).

Work days usually get this:


Might want to rethink that. As hearing loss becomes more common more people have a notch at 1Khz.

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