This plant drives its own robot


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Needs some wheels on that skrode.


So cyborg Triffids will be a thing then?


Really, I was not expecting the apocalypse to be a cross between The Happening and The Matrix.


The Wi-Fi tree only became popular when its roots grew to reach the network trunk.


Huh. I didn’t even know Poison Ivy and Cyborg were dating.


MIT: “We have vays of making you walk.”


I think they are on the path to Audrey III


Wait— Skynet started as a plant?






I look forward to the mobile gardens of the near future.


Somebody tell Vernor Vinge!


Even after the book and the movie, we haven’t learnt our lesson.

Triffids will win in the end.


Are you thinking maybe a bunch of plants driving their own space ship?


Came for the Triffids reference. Was not disappointed.


Surprisingly, let me be the first to say: I, for one, welcome our robotically enhanced plant overlords.


I for one came here to make this joke (well, but using the word ‘phytorobotic’). Good on you!


Oh, I think ‘phytorobotic’ wins.


Shenanigans? I don’t imagine it stopping so cleanly under its own control.


In Russia, robots drive their own plants.

(Well. That didn’t fucking work.)