This TARDIS Grows Weed with Artificial Intelligence, PART 2


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Oakland's tech startups are reportedly being gentrified out of their spaces by deep-pocketed marijuana growers

Does one actually want “weed with artificial intelligence”?


Do you want triffids?

Because that’s how you get triffids.


Isn’t this a weed? Could we possibly be overthinking things?


Hey, this does everything a book can do, but it’s Artificial Intelligence! And it’s incredibly incredible! And does your book have an app? I don’t think so!


I think that depends on how well you want to grow it. The results so far have been outrageously good. The same clones grown under regular lights and in soil didn’t look to be in the same league.


Put the immature plants in some 10l buckets of soil with bat poop in it. Grow it under 12hrs of light out of 24, dry it, smoke it.


Where’s Johnny Appleseed when you need him?


To be fair, I know people who do deep water culture hydro who get massive yields, but I can’t be arsed with the hassle and expense of the set up. House and garden’s bat mix keeps sciarabid flies at bay, needs little to no extra nutes and is still good for dumping on my friend’s flowerbeds once the harvest’s done, so I like to keep it simple.


Half serious query; would you be willing to prove that, via in person “taste testing?”


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