This TARDIS Grows Weed With Artificial Intelligence

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I’ve been an apartment dweller for most of my life. So the idea of making a grow tent and hanging the lights and doing all that made this seem like it was going to be less fun than putting together an Ikea dresser.

Did you try Positive Thinking™?


I bet there’s some kind of modular shelving unit at Ikea that could be repurposed for hanging the lights and a grow tent. Best of all, it probably has some stoner-sounding name.


“I simply don’t feel right until I’ve smoked around ten bong hits”

I’m speechless. So must be Richard after… ten… bong hits. Coma anyone?

I simply don’t feel right until I’ve smoked around ten bong hits and I have always been this way since the very first time that I smoked pot.



I’m going to stick to the local dispensary.

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“I simply don’t feel right until I’ve smoked around ten bong hits”

um, you may have a problem if…


I only grow for my own consumption and it’s a breeze, really. Just keep it simple. Grow in smart pots with high quality potting soil. Use a good light. Don’t fuck around too much with fertilizers - just use a guano/fish meal/worm casting mix. Don’t water too much, don’t trim too much. Just let the plants do their thing. Use a net and train plants to keep things horizontal. Growing should take very little work. Trimming is the most work I have to do.

He’s been high since he was 15. My guess is he uses it to self-medicate. I was the same way - a hourly heavy user from the minute I discovered cannabis - until at age 40 and after having a kid who started displaying the same symptoms I had and realized that I was self medicating for ADHD. Eventually talked to a doc
(who agreed and could see the benefit cannabis gives me) and now it’s part of the cocktail of neurological adjusters I take to keep my brain on track.


Apparently not.


For the cost of that AI box you could buy a lot of weed.

Man, what is that guy thinking? He’s probably just high.

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