Space botanists are beneficiaries of Canada's legal weed boom


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God damned Space Hippies! Get a Space Job! And stay away from my Space Daughter!




… to boldly grow where no one has grown before.



An unforeseen benefit of legalization: SWAT teams can spend less time busting tomato growers.

Yes, I realize the legal weed boom is in Canada and the cited incident took place in the US, but here’s hoping reason will spread south of the border.


Are we sure those weren’t Tomacco plants?


s/space botanists/rich white people/

Canadaland has a good bit on this.


I live in a weed-friendly section of the US. The weed boom is expected to tax our electric grid due to expanded hydroponics and grow light use. What I don’t understand is why legal weed farming can’t go outside and use free solar energy? I always assumed hydroponics were used because it hid the grow better.


Indoor grows faster, allows multiple crops each year, and grows denser, prettier buds that are what consumers want, so they’re what the dispensaries want to sell. Also, the plants don’t grow as big, so it’s possible to have more plants in a given space.


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