This precision 3-piece knife set is just $70

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It’s definitely not weird that the only place these knives seem to be sold anywhere is at various deal-a-day sites, mostly that use the same engine as the BoingBoing Deals page.

It’s also not weird that the other set for sale has a “list price” of $600 and is being sold cheaper than this set.


Do they slice, do they dice, do they sqush, do they mush?

Do they make Julienne fries for god’s sake?


It’s as easy as A, B, C…


Best knife I’ve found is an inexpensive brand called Kiwi. Incredibly sharp!

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Do they cut through an aluminum can and then a tomato?


I’ll just stick with the ole knife-wrench for now.

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With all the insanely hyped copy trying to sell these things, might as well go the whole nine yards and say they are made of Vibranium, or Unobtanium.

they’re essentially made with the same techniques used to forge Japanese samurai swords

The fuck they are.

Nitrogen cooled.

Also, blessed by an actual God.

Each individual knife takes over 120 hours to complete by hand, and is worth every second.

So, 360 hours of skilled work, leaving aside materials cost, is being retailed for $70. So, like fifteen cents an hour? Sounds like a plausible business model…

Maybe they are quite adequate knives, and worth the money, but for fuck’s sake.

Only ships to the usa, tbh these seem to good to be true so prob are… i could not find them for sale any where in the uk…

These knives are a marketing scam. Buy knives from real artisans instead. One of my favorite Japanese bladesmiths to patronize is Katsushige Anryu. His knives in stainless clad aogami #2 (and agogami super) are superb. And they’re extremely reasonably priced for the quality of the blade. I have knives that cost much more, but they don’t cut any better.

Kiwi brand knives are a great budget option. They are based in Thailand, which has a fantastical and wonderful tradition of fruit carving. The only Kiwi knives I own are 3 fruit-carving paring knives, but they’re very high quality for a very low price. And they come in really handy around Halloween.

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