This racing game forces you to text while you're driving

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Now that’s just silly. A safety-conscious driver always holds the phone up even with the windshield for proper visibility while texting.


I plan on internalizing the message that practice makes perfect.

I look forward to playing this. While super drunk.


While I am a staunch believer in “keep your phone in the damn glovebox while driving,” I’ve got to take issue with the claim that “[texting] requires you to take both your eyes and hands off the wheel.” Don’t most people text one-handed?

I wonder if your reply has to make sense? Can you just reply “456”?

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Yes, especially after they lose the first one in an accident while texting.


This kind of game is just fodder for my brother and his dumb friends. They all text while driving. And they’ll all download this game, master it and attempt to use it as evidence to “prove” that they can safely text and drive.

Kinda like this:

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Don’t be daft; the police might see if they text like that. They pop it in their lap and use the sms furtively, which then renders their attention even worse.

I wonder if the ‘phone up to the windscreen’ types you describe ever wonder what’s going on in the blind spot directly behind their phone?

What would make this game the perfect learning tool would be if it was massively multiplayer.

I cycle to work and fucking hate the cunts that do this.

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Because practice will perfect your drink-driving?

texting while driving is not dangerous because you take your hand and eye away from the road. You do that anyway when changing gears or looking to the side/behind you while driving (you only need one hand for texting).
What’s actually dangerous is the lack of attention/concentration. your mind is elsewhere, not your hands/eyes. THAT is what’s dangerous.

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