This remodeled house rotates so fast, it's comical

Hey, something’s got to lubricate that spin plate… :nauseated_face:


I imagine that midnight expeditions to the outhouse after an evening of imbibing do not end well.


Ahhhh, so nice, a song of my youth.

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I feel like what she might really want is a divorce.

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Anyone who enjoyed the chicken leg house owes it to themselves to give this guy a watch:

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Adding a motor and “the wheels of an old military transport vehicle,”

Throw in a counter-rotating 2nd floor/turret at top so he can avoid further complaints about getting dizzy.

I picture a long-married couple that has bickered at each other for years, with the husband finally snapping. “You want a different view? Fine, I’ll give you a different f’ing view!”


I worked in a revolving restaurant as a kid, it was 30 stories up. When I first started it was confusing finding your table in relation to the kitchen or bar or elevator but once you figured it out it was kind of fun.

If my wife didn’t like the static view from one window I would point out there were windows on the other side of the house. Seems like a simpler solution.


So please quiet your caws so that we may take up our cause: Revolution!

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Her mind must be like…
Round like a circle in a spiral, like a wheel within a wheel
Never ending or beginning on an ever spinning reel
Like a snowball down a mountain, or a carnival balloon
Like a carousel that’s turning running rings around the moon
Like a clock whose hands are sweeping past the minutes of its face
And the world is like an apple whirling silently in space
Like the circles that you find in the windmills of your mind!


Welcome to “developing countries”. Even here in Mexico, most homes don’t have fancy stuff like plumbing vents. It’s a straight line from the toilet past the shower drain to outside. Hope you flushed well enough.


In the midwest states they spin much faster in a tornado…

That sounds like a Baba Yaga reference.

Ripped off from Russian folklore, but I remember the Dragon article, too.


Way off topic here, sorry.

So I was 100% sure I had that issue way back then, and the surest way for me to remember was to flip to the comics! What’s New, Snarf Quest, Wormy, the single panel ones, those were somewhat familiar and made me smile in remembrance. Then there was Talanalan which I did not remember at all, but that artwork sure did look familiar. It took me a few seconds, but then it hit me. I pulled a copy of “Meatmen - An anthology of Gay Male Comics #11” from our erotica graphic novels and sure enough, it contained a series of cartoon that were in fact the same artist!

That made my night, thank you! :grin:

(Edit to correct that the artist had comics in the collection instead of doing the entire collection.)


A napkin calculation says at the outer walls, you’d be feeling about 0.4 g. Roughly twice the “push” you feel when seated in a 737 taking off.

GB Shaw had one! Inside Bernard Shaw's writing shed | Idler

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could not watch the end in case it happened

Okay, I couldn’t let this go, so I did some digging. Here’s how they all do it:

The Villa Giralsole was built in the early 1920s when indoor and plumbing and electricity were new, so it likely didn’t have either. However there’s a large stationary base under it that is visible in some photos that has additional living space and is likely where all the bathrooms and plumbing are. The upstairs rooms all appear to be novelty conference rooms and such now. Lighting is via diesel generator in the spinning part.

The Heliotrope houses have fully self contained solar electrical and grey water systems, and the toilets are composting. No connections needed. Fresh water comes from a tank that must be filled, but also has rainwater collection.

The Suite Vollard handles this the same way rotating restaurants do- there’s no plumbing or electrical in the rotating section. There’s a stationary area on the side and center of each floor where all that stuff is, and the ceiling of each level is stationary, so the lighting is there.

Same with The Around The Sea House and Everingham Rotating House- stationary core with kitchen and bath, ceiling is stationary for lighting.

The Rotor House explicitly rotates the bathroom and kitchen in a cylindrical room, but it’s a gimmick art piece and not functional.

The California rotating house appears to have no plumbing or electrical on the up floor which rotates. Hard to say for sure because the info on it is all sales literature (they want to sell you one real bad) and they somewhat intentionally obscure the important details. Almost certainly the same as the others though- stationary ceiling on the rotating upper floor with lighting, no plumbing, sewer, or ducts in the upper floor.

The Dynamic Tower is architecture student fappery vapourware, so they probably didn’t even think about it, but likely same as Suite Vollard if it ever becomes more than a render.

The little Bonus House at the end is an empty box for show that rotates via solar power.

There ya go.


Nicely researched! But did you find out if that Bosnian guy’s house includes any plumbing? I couldn’t find anything in the news articles I looked up about it.