Watch how this house's rotating rooms go indoor to outdoor


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Only $4 million for all that?

This guy just sold that bungalow in the background for $3M in Palo Alto:

It’s nifty, but pinched-puppy clean-up is going to be messy.


No $4million for design and construction, the land (read: location) was not included in that figure.

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What happens if it malfunctions?

What happens when it’s real winter, not wintry?

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It’s a nifty thing, and I’m surprised to see it actually executed! Stuff like this usually shows up on BLDBLG as a conceptual project that never happens.

How “green” is it – that is, the energy consumption of rotating vs. HVAC?

It’s cool this concept has been made real. I can imagine how dynamic living structures could be useful. That said, this implementation has cleaning and maintenance nightmare written all over it. Perhaps in the future, when general-purpose robots can maintain such dynamic structures on a daily basis, and the house can be automated to keep the rooms at whatever angle provides the best view or lighting without conscious intervention, this sort of thing will become practical. Also, the industrial “beeeeep-beeeeep” warning that sounds whenever a room is being rotated trains the user to never use it.

There is a ‘Spaceship House’ west of Denver that originally featured a dining area that could rotate to allow diners to choose whether they dine inside or outside. That feature has been removed. Similarly, almost every rotating restaurant I’ve ever heard of has discontinued the feature. Technology just isn’t quite up to the task yet, it seems.

'Straya! still has 10.

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