This robotic arm's cleanup task is bloody endless


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Metaphor for the next four years.


Metaphor for manufacturing over the next four years.


I didn’t see this helpful murderbot in my kids book


Welcome to the club, pal.


The CIA is buying 800 of these.


Contemporary art is often totally obtuse or painfully on-the-nose… In either case usually just a complete fucking bore. My quick test is: does a one-sentence description produce the same or superior outcome outcome as witnessing the piece in person? If yes, it probably wasn’t worth creating.


It might make some progress had it been coded to clean instead of take one halfhearted swipe and then spin randomly around flourishing its squeegee. As I strongly doubt the artist’s intended message was “Don’t let the artist program the extremely expensive robot”, I declare it a failure on miscommunication grounds and award it two out-of-context urinals out of a possible five.


Very Lady Macbeth


Well I found my next random encounter. No table needed!


That robot looks like it could punch through the glass and cause some real controversy.


Talk about your DNA Lounge…



On the other hand, generally farting about and waving your arms in the air might be a rather good metaphor for political effort.


I think it’s a metaphor for the Chinese government’s attempts to suppress information, actually.


“Put down your audio guide! You have twenty seconds to comply!”



I was persuaded to go around Tate Modern a few years ago and found much of the stuff that I had really liked in my 20s now seemed tedious and uninspired. But then I reflected on how the visual landscape has been influenced by it. If a Magritte looks like an advertisement nowadays, it’s because so many advertisers have channelled Magritte and got attention by an apparently absurd juxtaposition. Since Tinguely kinetic sculptures have also become trite, but then a lot of artists who live long enough end up parodying or copying themselves. Being original is hard; being recognised as original is harder.


Menstruation joke.


It would be very relevant though.