This security cam technology compresses a day's of activity into a short video where everything happens at once

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I may set this up for my indoor security cam.

Does it support Video Description?: You’re on the couch. You’re still on the couch. You’re still on the couch. You’re still on the couch…


I read “This security cam technology…” and almost skipped the post, assuming it was a Shop post, since they use that particular construction so frequently.

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If Doctor Manhattan needed a security camera, this would be it.

It is 2005 and I am on Mars.
On January 7th 2020, 10:13, a UPS person kicks my package onto the porch. At 11:42 a bandit steals it. At 11:57 I atomize the bandit.


A note: this technology is no longer available for personal use. The company that sold these cameras licensed it from Briefcam, who doesn’t offer it like this anymore, at least no right now. You can’t even buy the old cameras and use it.

They sell to big cities, universities, places like that, who have thousands of cameras.


Time is an illusion. Lunchtime, doubly so.


I’ve written my own detection algorithms for timelapse change detection. This is brilliant, and so straightforward… The kind of idea you ask yourself why you didn’t think to extract and overlay temporally-close delta blobs.

Would probably take an afternoon of coding to summarize (less if I was up to speed with the latest OpenCV). This is the type of post I come to Boing Boing for.


Will it work on all the episodes of Cheers at once?
With S01E02 over the characters?
that’d be fun.


This is also being worked on for the open source security software Zoneminder:

I should get a job being a shady character in security camera ads.


I’ve been wanting to play with another toy by Flir … they have a thermal imagining view-finder that I want to dak with for like 600 or 700 dollars.

It would make a great indie rock band video in the 1990’s.

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I can see that. It is an ad after all.

aside: FLIR is never going to mean anything to me other than Forward Looking Infra Red.

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