Weird video of an entire day of security footage superimposed and compressed into two minutes

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I’ve seen this music video…


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Montgomery, Alabama

an older, white couple in front of their house and a few black guys; guess whos mowing the lawn?

weird video indeed.

(I have no idea if my comment is somewhat inappropriate, but I do feel slightly uncomfortable to see this in the context Alabama and a white couple, who are basically “supervising” the black guys the whole time personally and with camera; it definitly triggers)


We’re just building the panopticon for ourselves at this point.

And this is all the activity they get in a day? The homeowners going for a walk, watering their lawn and some hired help? Seems like they’re making their neighborhood scarier than it would be otherwise.

Cool video though. Very efficient way to review (if you’re into home surveillance or whatever) and wild to watch. I could see this being used for art making.

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Hasn’t FLIR’s Rapid Recap feature been around for years?

ETA: Yeah, since at least 2015:


This just makes my angry about the ‘lawn culture’ in America.

These people probably wouldn’t be able to put in native plants and landscaping in their neighborhood because of the HOA.

So they’re basically forced to maintain a ‘putting green’ that no one uses and devours lots of resources and needs consent feeding and attention.

It’s just another side of the EULA “you don’t really own stuff” culture we’ve created.


Often people ask me “how was your day?” and I reply “uneventful.”

That’s this video.


You think this scene couldn’t be anywhere USA? But go on with your badself being so comfortable it’s in Alabama “OMG Black People work for a lawn care company…it can only be a Alabama thing”
Trying to take lawn care workers and overreaching into slavery and racist stuff says more about you than the video.
Of course this wouldn’t happen in New Hampshire where they have more Black Bears than black people.

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You don’t get out much, do you?

You’re never alone when you’re a clone.

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Based on the times it was not all day it was like 2 hours from about 9 to about 10:45


Anyone know of free or cheap software which can produce something like this if given a bunch of video clips from a static, indoor source, or a tutorial for how to do this in Adobe Premiere with minimal manual editing work? Or alternative, a searchable name for this particular video time-compression effect?

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The original from 1980:

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not in the US. cause Im on the other side of the atlantic.

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This is deeply not intended as a defense of the…upstanding…working conditions, compensation, access to occupational safety and health measures, etc. enjoyed by landscaping workers(nor the demographic sorting mechanisms that determine who gets these jobs); but I was honestly most surprised at the apparent level of interaction with the landscapers.

At least around here, the more upmarket suburbs are a veritable landscapergeddon at the relevant times of year; but it’s almost always scheduled during the residents’ work/school hours; and (with the exception of the on-site consultation for new landscaping or significant changes; which obviously requires someone to come out and discuss spec with the client) the whole thing is handled as hands-off as possible: occupant makes arrangement with landscaping service, service dispatches the crew to do the actual work, they come, work; and go without any onsite interaction.

Could well just be a fluke of the fact that the occupants look retired here; and the cases I’m familiar with are mostly working age; but it could also be a difference between cultural comfort with actually seeing ‘the help’ and cultural comfort with outsourcing dirty jobs onto people who aren’t you; but preferring not to actually see the process up close.

In thinking about it, I know the latter is the bucket I fall in: I probably don’t want to think about what the human side of the supply chain for my life looks like(and vendors are happy to assist me in not thinking about it); but I feel really weird and awkward when being overtly ‘served’ even in contexts like hotel housekeeping staff.

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Even worse, they appear to be paying people to push a mower over a lawn, which leaves absolutely no trace of having been mowed, as a result - i.e. needed no mowing. The patch in the foreground is no different from before, after the mower has been used. I’ll grant there’s a faint stripe on the part the other side of the drive, but really?

“A Busy Day In The Yard” sounded like a new Wallace and Gromit video.

So I couldn’t help but be disappointed.


I hope that’s not a camera, otherwise the cops are gonna be really confused. As in, vastly more confused than they already are.